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This will be a short blog but hopefully one many find useful. A cool trick I have found to be quite useful over the year is the ability to download and upload my SAP Favorites menu folder from one SAP system to another. Whether starting at a new client or starting to test in new “box” the ability to copy and upload my SAP Favorites folder from one system to another has been highly beneficial.

Before learning of this trick I had a running list of transactions in word document and in note books. Back then setting up my SAP Favorites folder was a task I dreaded and seldom bothered to do.

Another way this functionality can be used is when setting up new users. The download/upload functionality allows you to quickly and easily copy the Favorites from a veteran SAP user who over time has collected good list of transactions in their Favorites folders.

Whatever your reason for wanting to copy and upload your Favorites SAP has made it a simple process.

Steps for copying SAP Favorites folder from one system to another:

  • First, log into SAP system that contains the Favorites folder to be moved. Then go to menu Favorites > Download to PC.

Blog 2 - Pic 1

  • Next save file as text file (TXT). Remember name and folder for next step in process.

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  • Log into system you wish to upload favorites into. Then go to menu Favorites > Upload from PC. Also note, in below screen shot, there are no transactions or folders in the SAP Favorites folder.

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  • Select file from folder you saved it into in previous step.

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  • All transactions and folders will appear in SAP Favorites.

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Note: If transactions already exist in the SAP Favorites folder you are uploading into a pop up box will appear asking if you want to insert or append the upload file.   Select an option and Favorites will be loaded.

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Yes SAP Security roles/profiles can be used to create favorites lists. But these lists are a starting point and any transaction added to the favorites list by the end user are not updated into the favorites maintained by SAP Security.

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